Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This is how we do it.

Ahhhh yes.
Labor Day Weekend.
The weekend I always confuse with Memorial Day.
Thirty-one years going strong on that.

But what makes Labor Day particularly different to our family is it's the opening weekend for Elk Archery Season. 
Archery Elk Season?
Season for the Elk Archers?
Eh, anyways..
This also means you get to dress your kids in camo, spray them with elk pee and send them into the wild unknowns.

This is normal...right?
Don't answer that.
So before heading out my husband spent time teaching our middle child how to bugle with a reed.
 Its all about proper placement.
Or so I am told.
She loved it. 

The little one was confused.
 "Just what are these fools doing?!"

And she... welll
she was eating a s'more.

Fast Forward to the next day and the next round of lessons.

Gone are the days of a needle compass. 
My girl got schooled on the inner workings of Garmin.

What an Elk rub is.
(Notice the Sketchers? Putting the glam in camo.)

And errrr droppings.
"This, my young sweet Tom Girl, is Elk poop."

 It was riveting I tell ya!

Joking aside, my girl loves hunting.
She even loves it when her mom goes and takes lots of pictures, see:
Okay, maybe not.
But right after I annoyed her by snapping a paparazzi filled photo session of her glaring at me, she bugled in something.

Thats right, SOMETHING.
Something that both my husband and I heard walking towards us.
So we huddled by some brush and he knocked an arrow.
Oh man.
When something unknown is walking towards you in the woods I get mixed emotions of 
excitement and utter terror.
And this something was grunting
and huffing,
and puffing,
and coming right towards us.
It was at this moment in time that I thought they need to make camo Depends and someone should invent force fields already!

Imagine our surprise when this came busting out into the clearing.
A Moose.
That's right. 
A Moose.
 I swore it was a blood thirsty bear, my husband dreamed it was a monster Elk, and our daughter....well I'm not sure what she thought it might be.
It walked within 15 yards of us and it was small by moose standards, but very angry looking. 
I think he was looking for a girlfriend and was sorely disappointed when he came upon three dumbfounded humans.
Which only made him more angry.
I'm sure of it.
So it wasn't until it was a safe distance away that I got up the nerve to snap a photo.
Once it was gone and we could relax a little our daughter screamed,
"THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! I think that moose liked me!"

It was pretty awesome.

Earlier on our hunt I was able to get a video of our girl in action:

And this is how we do Labor Day.


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Thursday, August 28, 2014

When The Huffington Post knocks...

When the Huffington Post knocks, you answer. 
Well you may or may not scream, hyperventilate, giggle like a little school girl, have to change your pants, then answer, but you answer. 
This is all theoretically speaking of course.

So imagine my surprise, no, shock....when a Huffington Post Photo Editor knocked on my proverbial door.

I went through the following?
"Who me?!"
"No friggn way! This is a scam!"
"Oh my Gawd.. it might not be a scam!"

So after I gathered myself I got to work.
I assumed it was just a minor glitch in their proposal email data base (is there such a thing?) and tried to keep my cool.

Flash forward a few impatient weeks...

I wrote an article, included a few photos, submitted it to the editors and this morning my first blog in the Arts and Culture section of Huffington Post was published.
Im excited, hopeful and still a little flabergasted.
 Now I'm waiting on bated breath to see where this will take me.


You can read the article here.

As of now I will get to post blogs on Huffington at my leisure, but I will still be doing most of my blogging here on my personal site.

I'm not sure where this will lead, if anywhere, but if anything it was as awesome experience!

Thanks for reading and be sure to follow, like and share my post!

Serendipity is Sweet 
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Just a few random shots from the park the other day.

Like a boss.

Walking a dog while riding your bike.
Hmmmm what could ever go wrong?!


This girl LOVES to swing. 
We have swings at home, but its still one of the first things she goes to when we are at a park.

She is trying to act casual, but really she is over me taking pictures.

And not related to the park photos what-so-ever...
I was excited to see this photo featured on I Heart Faces this week!

You can read the full post here.
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Monday, August 25, 2014

And so it begins..

Today is the first day of school!
Self high five!

And whats the first day without the annual first day photo.

A close up.

 Not sure what happened here, but its a blurry mess.

And I would like to point out, 
while most seven year old girls would choose princess, flowers, or a girlie color back pack our middle child went with full on fierce this year.
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Hot Lava Disappointment

Since I was little my family has taken the same I-84 freeway route (sometimes multiple times a year) along the Columbia River Gorge to visit family in Oregon.
And every time we passed Maryhill Museum, perched way up high on the bluffs overlooking the river, I marvled at it.
 To me it symbolized what every little girl dreams about. 
A castle.
In fact, that's what I have been telling my girls for years every time we drive by.
Me: "See girls! Look up there!! That's a castle!!"
Girls: "ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh"
So we finally decided to visit said castle.
And the first thing our middle daughter said as we pulled up,
"Where is the hot lava that is supposed to go around it?!"
errrrr ummmmm sorry kid! 
No hot lava.
Utter disappointment. 
But we went in anyways.

Even though there wasn't hot lava, or a moat of any kind, they still thought it was awesome.
In fact, I had to try and keep up with them as they ran around gawking at everything.

And I mean everything.
"Dad! Why aren't these people wearing clothes?!"
"Ummmm, its hot? I dunno."
Moving along.

 Things have changed a lot from how I remember on my last visit ten plus years ago.
They have built out a new modern wing, added a cafe and a kids hands on art room that included drawing, sculpting, and chess stations.

There was one thing though that is just like I remembered,
the view.

 Total we spent a good two hours enjoying all the exhibits.
One of those hours was solely spent redirecting little eyes from statues, portraits, and photo's of naked people.
What can ya say?
 It's art.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Maryhill. Take one.

For the last day or two I  have been trying to get a post written about the last leg of our quick trip last weekend, but things have been busy. 
Same tune, different day anyone?
I have to say, getting back in a routine is going to be awesome!! I always miss my girls when they are at school, but I think it's something we certainly need. The oldest has been getting bored and I have been told I am the 'worse mom ever' and I have 'ruined their lives' a few times these last few days.
I'm really on a roll.
Go me!
So while I find time to write more about our trip, I wanted to include just a few of my favorites from the museum we visited.

If you follow me on instagram you would of seen this one too:

And because I can't stop myself, here is another:

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last Hurrah

One last mini vacation before school starts.

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