Friday, December 19, 2014

Fix It Friday - Week Seven

Something I never really thought of when I first started Fix It Friday is that I may have the ability to truly help someone.
When the opportunity knocked via a Facebook message from an old friend I jumped at the chance.
She put me in touch with a friend of hers who needed a little editing help on a photo.
This friend of a friend had scheduled a photo shoot for her daughters first Christmas, only to have the photographer bail on her last minute. 
So she took it upon herself to take some snapshots of her own.
She was able to capture her sweet daughter wonderfully, but needed a little help on the editing end.
Something I was very happy to provide!

So today's Fix It Friday is special.
Here is a little bit about this sweet darling featured today, written by her mother:

When I was 31 weeks pregnant we learned something was wrong with the pregnancy.  We were living in Alaska and at 36 weeks my care was transferred to Seattle because we knew she would need surgeries at birth not offered there. By 38 weeks my doctor told me her kidneys were shutting down and she was going to pass away in utero. We prepared for palliative care when she was born to say goodbye. To everyone's surprise she came out breathing all on her own! We were told before she was born she had a chromosomal abnormality and that her brain was not fully formed, she had severe fluid on the brain, kidney, and heart problems.  All of which would be incompatible with life. She amazed the doctors with scan after scan when she was born showing a fully formed brain, no fluid on her brain and not needed any immediate surgical intervention. We took her home after only 3 days! Truly a little miracle child. She did eventually require open heart surgery and a hiatal hernia repair (where we put the g-tube in). She's 7 months old today (December 19th) and developing normally, just behind. She does have a rare chromosomal abnormality (no name for it, just a bunch of numbers) that leaves us unsure of what her future holds. 

What a miracle baby!
And what a privilege it was to help her family!

Thank you so much to the parent's of little Everly for letting me feature their daughter today!

If you know of anyone needing a little editing help, please send them my way! I'm always looking for another project and love helping.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

What Am I?

 I decided to create my own title.
My own niche.

Wait for it.........

Does it roll off the tongue?
Will I actually call myself that in public?
Oh no, no, no.
But it encompasses all I do.
I'm a mom. (duh)
I have a blog. (yup)
And I suppose I'm kinda sorta photographer-ish. (uh huh)
So there we have it.
And now I have an apprentice.

Cause that's what you do when you create a new niche.
I think.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Choosing My Battles

I don't know how weekday mornings go in other peoples homes,
 but I will suffice to say that ours is crazy.
Someone usually cries.
Someone usually vocalizes breakfast is "disgusting"
Someone spills something.
There is definitely yelling.
Someone usually has a mental breakdown...or two
And someone usually tries to walk out the door dressed like Miley Cyrus with Tina Turner hair.

 I am  sometimes the culprit of two of these above mentioned items.
Take your pick.

But something I have learned is when to pick my battles.
Tears can be dried.
Breakfast can be remedied.
Spills can be cleaned up.
Yelling, well it can be apologized for.
And Miley can be covered up a bit.
But lets just let that Tina hair rock it today.
I pick my battles.
And crazy hair usually wins.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Desperate Housewives: The Hobo Edition

My husband and I were sitting around the other day discussing Christmas.
He asked me what I wanted so I rattled off a list of my 2014 holiday must have's.

When I finished it was quiet for a bit, then he asked.
"So uhhhhhh basically you want wine, sweat pants and slippers?" 

"Yup!" I replied happily.
He laughed.
I laughed.


Then I got to thinking how unglamorous that is.
How unglamorous I am.

Case in point...
When I'm home all day I sometimes don't brush my teeth until noon.
There, I said it.
If you show up unannounced, I'm probably not dressed and its a safe bet I'm wearing a pair of Hanes Mens socks with the heel part pulled up to my ankle to make them kinda-sorta fit.
And right now my deodorant is missing so I smell like Old Spice.
I save my put togetherness for date night and random get-togethers where I see people.
And thats about it.

See my profile photo up there in the upper right hand corner?
Ummmm yeah thats like four years old. 
There is a reason why I haven't updated it.

So while reality TV appeases the masses with shows about desperate housewives who look fab, but are crazy.
I'm going to start a new show: Desperate Housewives, The Hobo Edition.
We look crazy, but we kinda have it together.
And we may or may not feed our toddlers canned corn for lunch.
 Just canned corn and nothing else.
 "Yummmy! Corn again!"

So yeah, I look like a suburban homeless person most of the time.
And I want someone to enable me and buy me sweat pants, wine and slippers for Christmas.
And I have no shame in that.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Fix it Friday - Week 6

So I haven't posted a new Fix it Friday in awhile, but I have a new one today!

One of my long time friends sent me a photo of her daughter awhile back that needed a little work.

 What a difference!

(Since I cropped the image, it was getting pretty pixelated, so I added a border.) 
A big thank you to the K family for letting me use their photo for my feature today!

On a side note, I have received a few photos that I would love to feature, but sometimes the images are too small. If your interested in sending in a photo for Fix it Friday, if you can  send me the largest format possible that would be helpful.

Have a great weekend everybody!
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

I Threw My Kids Toys Away.

I did it.
I threw my kids toys away.
Okay, I threw some to the trash, some to donation, but in essence I got ride of multiple garbage bags full of crap.
And it made me feel like this:

Like a cold, hard, calculated mother, I did it while the victims, errrr... girls were in school.
And I took no prisoners.
If you were a toy that was broke, gone.
A toy that hasn't been played with in months, gone.
If you were random pairs of socks (mystery solved!) gone!
If you were a stuffed animal, GONE.
Gone, Gone, Gone!
At the end of the day I waited at the bottom of the stairs as they headed to their rooms to play after school.
Listening for violent screams.
Possible cursing.

But it never came.
They were none the wiser.
*self high five*
Mission accomplished.

I assure you if I had been caught in the act I would of received looks of death. 
Something like this doozy:

 Or this:

 And especially this:
But what they don't know won't hurt them.
Which is one of my favorite parenting motto's.

So now my house is prepared.
Prepared for Christmas to throw up again.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How I Failed My Daughter

My middle daughter is seven years old now. 
She was around four at the time this photo was taken and I had no idea she had a vision problem. 
 Problem may even be putting it lightly.
 She was practically blind in one eye, and had poor vision in the other.
 I had no clue.   
No freaking clue. 

As a mom I always did the precautionary stuff. 
Put the plastic covers on every outlet, bought the latest and safest car seat, put locks on all the cabinet doors. But what I never did was get my kids eyes checked.
 Not once. 
It took her failing a school wide vision test in 1st grade for us to know something was wrong. I was baffled because she never showed any signs of vision problems. She was learning to read like a pro, played sports amazingly well, and never once complained about things being fuzzy or out of focus.
Now I realize, how could she tell me those things?
She didn’t know any better.
What she saw was normal to her, she had no idea she was seeing the world out of focus and fuzzy. 

This has been my biggest parenting mistake.
Not getting my kids eyes checked.
 I didn’t do it because both my husband and I have great vision.
I didn’t do it because there weren’t any ‘signs’.
I didn’t do it because we didn’t have good insurance.
I simply didn’t do it.

And I will never forgive myself for that.

Thankfully, after some really difficult patching therapy and some strong prescription glasses my daughter can see. 

Her vision has improved by leaps and bounds, but if we had caught it earlier things would have been easier to fix. It’s important that vision problems, like Amblyopia, get attention early on, preferably before a child is five years old.
My daughter was six. 

I realize a bad moment,
a bad day,
a bad week,
does not make me a bad parent.
But I will tell you what, I am an informed parent now!

Let my failure be a lesson. Don’t let the misconception of genetics, lack of signs, or insurance keep you from a simple trip to the optometrist.
You can buy all the safety gear in the world, but you can't buy back your child’s vision.

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