Friday, October 31, 2014

Fix it Friday - Week 3

Today's Fix it Friday was a fun and simple fix.
Here is the after:

The Before:

 Thanks to everyone who has submitted a photo to Fix it Friday!
I love getting your emails and the opportunity to edit a photo that isn't mine.

Remember, if you have a photo that needs a little fix contact me.
And don't forget to check out the past Fix it Fridays here.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Friday Flash

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Round and Round

I have thought for many years that I live on, or somewhere near, Memory Lane. 
And I mean that figuratively of course.  
 Which I also find kind of humorous because I have laughed at my memory problems, but yet I can’t help but constantly tread down the aforementioned lane. 
I say this because I am always reminiscing.   
How so, you ask?
Well yesterday it was by getting lost in old photos for hours. 

 Do you ever do that?
 Dig through stuff at your house looking for one thing, only to spend in copious amount of hours just, well....looking? 
So this makes me think that maybe Memory Lane isn’t actually a lane at all.
And maybe I don’t really live by it.
I think sometimes I just get stuck there.
I believe it’s actually a wicked roundabout.  

Because I keep driving around, and around, and around.
And while I’m consumed by the ever continuous, and somewhat comforting circle, my options for exit are:

Reality Drive: Gah! No way! That’s dishes, laundry, cleaning…….
Dreamland Avenue: Check! Frequent visitor of this one.
Future Street: I’m just not ready for this!
Get-it-together-and-live-in-the-now Boulevard: Dang it.  I usually take this exit.

So here I am.
Owning up to my sappy ‘back when’ reminiscing. 
I think becoming a parent has started some horrible Fast Forward button in my life and I feel so helpless. 
I believe this is why I have problems getting stuck in the past. 
Why old memories suck me in, pull at my heart strings and keep me going in circles.
Lord knows I've written about it. 
Oh yes, here too.

So I’m working on my coping skills.
I know it gets harder.
Babies were easy people. 

I'm learning it’s the older ones that give heart attacks, aneurisms, and anxiety.
So take lots of photos so you can hide in the pantry and scroll through the ‘good ol’ days’ after your almost tween rolls their eyes and tells you, 
‘you have no fashion sense’, 
like they just walked off a photo shoot for Vogue or something.
Then take a photo.
Cause those are gonna be the good ol’ days someday too.
And I need some company at the roundabout.

Little by Little

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Favorites

Some of my favorite shots over the years.
Thought this was the perfect photo to end on.

Communal Global
Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Day One

I was nominated for the Black and White Photo challenge by fellow photographer Misti.
For five days I'm going to be posting a new Black and White shot.

I thought I would start off with this photo I took yesterday.
You can read more about this photo here.

Instead of having a BW photo posted here on my blog everyday, I'm going to be posting the photos via my Facebook page.

So stop by and see what I'm sharing! 
I plan on digging up some oldies but goodies.

Sweet Shot

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

For the People

This Sunday I lowered expectations for mothers everywhere.
While many of us try to live up to the hype, I did us all a favor and lowered the bar.
I let my kids eat candy for breakfast, wash it down with a Dr. Pepper, and I even let one sleep in her dirty Halloween costume.

I did it for the people.
All the mom people.

Cause while my ultimate goal of world peace lives far outside my scope of capabilities,
 my ability to make one mom feel like she is 'the ultimate' is obtainable.
If you cooked your child breakfast, a real breakfast, 
(which includes Eggo Waffles from a toaster in my book)
 than you are awesome.
My children fended for themselves today.
They ate cereal for lunch, and some even ate it for dinner too. 
And not the healthy kind.
Oh, no.
This was that sugar covered crap that they name after fruit to make mothers who feed it to their kids for lunch and dinner feel better about themselves.
 I did however,  manage to put a load of laundry in the washer.......and five hours later it's still in the washer.
I may be a rebel and leave it till tomorrow.
You never know.
I'm feeln' kinda crazy up in here tonight.

Mom Moments 
Living Arrows

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Fix it Friday - Week 2

Today's Fix it Friday was sent in by a blogger friend of mine.
 When she submitted the photos of her little girl I knew right away what I wanted to do.
 And since I don't like letting my ideas sit idle,
 I started editing..and editing... and editing......
 But nothing was going right.
So I winced a little......and deleted.
It was a real bummer.
I ended up starting over from scratch, but it was worth it!

So let that be another edition to the eternal lesson of: 
If at first you don't succeed try, try, try again.

Once completed I couldn't decide what I liked better.
So I am featuring two different edits of the same shot.

Color Version:

Black and White Version:

And of course..

Thank you so much to Jess at Keep it Together for submitting her photos!

If your interested in having your photos fixed and featured I'm still looking to fill vacancies.
Just remember you must own the copy-write to the photos you submit.

if your a Pinterest fan please help me spread the word about Fix it Friday by pinning this image:

 Thanks so much!
Have a great weekend everyone.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beginning & Ending

 While flying down to California last week I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise.
Now, I don't believe in omens or anything like that, but as a somewhat reluctant flyer I tried to interpret this sunrise into:

A: I would make it to San Jose alive.
B: I would make it to San Jose alive.

Because while flying solo on a prop plane a million miles up in the air my mind wanders to some pretty bleak and scary places. 
Usually places involving nose dives, flames, and well... screaming.
And I needed all the reassurance I could get. 
Even if that came from a simple sunrise I was taking it and holding onto it for dear life, squeezing it will all I could muster, I was gonna white knuckle that thing until... 
Oh wait, no.
That was the arm rest.. ha.. how embarrassing.

So ummmm.
I don't like to fly.
I love to see new things, experience new places and I dream someday of visiting Europe and all its loveliness.
With that said, I don't plan on taking a boat there!
 So in the meantime I'm forcing myself onto planes.
I'm trying to conquer my fear.
And I think it's working.
(This is the sunset on my way back home to Idaho.)

So I just wanted to take the time so say, 
if your ever seated next to a wide eyed crazy looking blonde lady gripping the seat and crying like a baby, I apologize.
She may not be me, but she's a member of the club.
Buy her a drink mmmkay?

Communal Global 
Little by Little 
Finding Beauty
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