Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Photo Recipe

 Flowers are starting to bloom around here and Spring Fever is reaching its pitch!
(At least in my house)
So what's a gal to do?
Make a Spring Photo Recipe using some of Love That Shots beautiful photo veils, that's what!
I love spring flowers, planting in my garden and ditching those winter blues and what a great way to start the season by grabbing my camera and capturing all that is new again.
Which is exactly what I did yesterday.
Here is my edited photo of the tulips in my backyard:

And here is the before and after:

With just a few simple steps I was able to take my washed out flower photo and make the colors pop.
Here is what I used:
Mountain Sunset (Simplicity Veils Collection) Blending Mode: Soft Light - Opacity: 43%
Right Tinted Spotlight (Illumination Veils Collection) Blending Mode: Overlay - Opacity: 100%

I also like to give colors a bit of a bump by duplicting a layer and adjusting colors by going to:
Image>Adjustments>Selective Color

A few minutes is all you need to give your photos that extra umph.
Make sure to check out everything Love That Shot has to offer and get out there and shoot some Spring!
(Does that even makes sense?? eh.. just roll with it!)

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Monday, March 23, 2015

What's in a name?

Clockwise from upper left:
1. Toast
I find morsels of food like this all over the house. One bite, then thrown onto the floor. Based on mandible size I will venture to guess culprit is of the toddler variety.

2. Stair Victim
Our first real stair injury and the victim was a senior citizen (of the canine kind). He has had to visit the vet twice and has been on multiple medications. He is on the mend but its taken a long time. Poor guy.

3. Make Believe
Playing horsey outside. That's about it.

4. Garth Brooks
Okay, I know the photo isn't of Garth himself (or Troyal for all you die hards), but you can read more about why this photo has that particular name here.

5. Street Bokeh
I love, love, love bokeh. Some people look at is as a simple out of focus picture, but I love all the light globes and dreamy quality of it. And being I'm out of focus a lot myself... I feel we are kindred spirits. haha

6. Life Motto
My oldest came up with this life motto the other day at dinner. I told her we should put that quote above out dining room table. She obliged.

Hallelujah! Praise be! The sun has been shining and we can go to the park and enjoy the outdoors!!
(for all you still in the snow... neener neener... sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

8. Lava Monster
My husband and a whole gaggle of girls played Lava Monster on the playground equipment. The screams could be heard from miles around.

My favorite of the group?
BOKEH for the win!!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life questions via a 7 year old.

While out at dinner last night my 7 year old asked me a question that completely caught me off guard.
We were eating out next to a family that I believe was speaking Russian, and she had been staring at them for an inappropriate amount of time.
Even after both her dad and I told her not to.
So when she turned to ask me a question I prepared myself for a possible curious, yet rude and loud one like:
"MOM! Why are those people talking all weird?!"
"MOM! Why does that lady have no hair?!"
"MOM! Why does that waitress have an ugly tattoo?!"

I waited... and while preparing myself for a possible lecture on 'inside voices' and reasons why we don't point, she asked me this:
"Mom, how do you know when a boy is right for you?"

The question gave me a mild case of whiplash and I pretty sure I then stared at her for an inappropriate amount of time.
It was one of those mom moments where inside my head I'm thinking as fast as I can.
Oh dear,  this is a big moment here...what do I say.?? oh man, am I seriously having this convo with my daughter over a half eaten lamb sandwich? What do I say?! Stop staring at her! Close your mouth! Focus woman!

After laughing a little and muttering ummmmmm for a good stretch of time I said,
"Well, he has to be nice, kind, and treat you with respect. 
Oh, and both your mom and dad have to like him too."
That felt about right. 
Thankfully, it was enough to satisfy her 7 year old self and she could go back to staring at the Russian family and I could finish my sandwich.

It can really throw you for a loop sometimes.

Pour Your Heart Out

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How Garth Brooks Made Me Realize Something....

Earlier this week I wrote about how as your kids get bigger so do their attitudes.
It was no lie.
They can be little hellions.
My oldest did something that made me melt and made me wonder if perhaps I got it all wrong.

Here's a little back story...
So I kinda like Garth Brooks..ahem... okay I LOVE him.
Since I was a kid and I had his cassettes and memorized all the lyrics.
And I don't care if loving Garth (I believe we are on a first name basis)  makes me a hillbilly, back-country, bumpkin, I own my love for The Man.
Yes, THE Man.

So my children know this.
They think I'm a complete wacko, but I own that too, so it's all good.

 In case you aren't into Garth (say what?!!!), you may or may not know that he is going on tour again.
*Cue the angels singing from heaven*
I wigged out.
I saw him in Vegas a few years ago and it was the most amazing experience, and I vowed if I ever got the chance to see him again I would sell everything to do it. (I like dramatics)
Then I heard he was coming to Portland Oregon (so close!) and I set up a game plan to get tickets....
but life has a way of changing plans and I missed my window of opportunity.
I won't lie. I kinda cried.
But then I remembered cowgirls don't cry..
wait a minute....
Okay, so maybe another country artist sang that.. but you get the point. 
After licking my wounds and moving on with my life something weird happened.
I came into the computer room last night and saw a Garth Brooks article on my computer.
"What the?"
It was from the Irish Times (or something like that) and it was about his concert over there in Ireland.
I had no idea why it was there and who did it, so I interrogated the children.
My oldest daughter then confessed it was her who Googled it.
She was trying to buy me Garth Brooks tickets, but didn't know how.

Oh. My. Jeez.

Did I really say my kids were little hellions once in awhile?
Clearly I was wrong.
As I checked on my oldest last night before going to bed, I couldn't help but feel how lucky I really am.

I may not be going to Garth Brooks in April, but I've got one of the sweetest daughters in the world.
And I'm perfectly fine with that.

Mommy Moments

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Monday, March 16, 2015

(Insert clever, witty post name here)

So I think part of the point about doing the photo a day challenge is your supposed to get creative.
I feel like I may be going a little backwards in that respect.
As in.." It's 11:24pm! Oh crap! I need to take a photo..."
Then I see a random moment I would normally never take a picture of, so I whip out my phone and snap it.
"Whew.. another day down.... and a photo of my ummm foot while I lay in bed? What the?? eh."
So be it.
For all the crapper photos, I vow to take five amazing ones.
I think...maybe.
Or not.
But that sounded good so I'm going with it.

So here we be:

A week -plus 1- of randomness. 
From the top left clockwise:
Evening Walks.
Raid pantry and play with cookie cutters.
Gymnastics. (she advanced this week! WOOT!)

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Saturday, March 14, 2015


For the last week or so I feel like my head is spinning.
Not literally, of course, cause that would be weird... and creepy.
But just spinning in the sense of utter relentless busyness.

You think when your kids are babies that your life is crazy.
And by all means it IS, 
but when they get older there comes this new level of crazy.
No longer can you keep your little ones in a bubble. 
You will now be forced to drive to school, practices, parties, recitals, games and attend all of the above.
It's never ending.
And you will love it.
But it's hard.
And when you do all these things you kinda have to look presentable, because you actually do get sleep at night now, but that doesn't mean it's always blissful.

When your kids start to grow up there are a lot more worries that come with it.
resulting in sleepless nights for a whole new reason.
Gone are the days of counting newborn poops, sanitizing bottles and packing a suitcase full of crap every time you leave the house.
And welcome to the life of worrying over your daughter getting picked on at school, talking about puberty, and explaining why f*ck is a bad word.

Oh, let's not forget the attitudes.
While your children grow in size so does their ability to drive you insane.
Cue the eye rolling, the comebacks, and the smartassiness.
And you will call your mom and apologize, because dang it.. you are guilty of it too.

So my blog has been quiet.
Because I don't have time.
Because I feel I have been continuously commuting somewhere.
Because my kids are driving me insane.
Because I have just had a lot going on.
And though I am incredibly dizzy, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Living Arrows 
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

And Then There Was..... The Selfie

I compiled my photos from the last week for my 365 challenge, and discovered I have to include a selfie because it's the only photo I took that day.
This fact makes me wince.
But, to play the 'selfie devils advocate' here.....if I don't ever take a photo of myself no one will ever know what I looked like.
Since I am behind the lens all the time, (and rarely am even presentable for a photo op) a selfie is the only way my future grand-kids will know what I looked like back when I was 29...okay, okay.. 31..sheesh.

And the photo above my selfie?
A tag from a pair of jeans I was trying on so I could remember which ones I liked.
Complete accident that I have to include that photo too because, once again, its the only one I took that day.
I'm really on top of my photo game party people!

My favorite from this hodge-podge of photos would have to be the library phone photo of my middle daughter.
I am a major bookworm and have tried desperately to instill good reading habits into my girls.
So when they were excited to go to the library (and not even for the toys section!) I was ecstatic!
To top it off, I had to actually tell my middle daughter that she needed to choose LESS books because there was no way we could carry them all.
These little things make my heart happy.

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