Friday, October 24, 2014

Fix it Friday - Week 2

Today's Fix it Friday was sent in by a blogger friend of mine.
 When she submitted the photos of her little girl I knew right away what I wanted to do.
 And since I don't like letting my ideas sit idle,
 I started editing..and editing... and editing......
 But nothing was going right.
So I winced a little......and deleted.
It was a real bummer.
I ended up starting over from scratch, but it was worth it!

So let that be another edition to the eternal lesson of: 
If at first you don't succeed try, try, try again.

Once completed I couldn't decide what I liked better.
So I am featuring two different edits of the same shot.

Color Version:

Black and White Version:

And of course..

Thank you so much to Jess at Keep it Together for submitting her photos!

If your interested in having your photos fixed and featured I'm still looking to fill vacancies.
Just remember you must own the copy-write to the photos you submit.

if your a Pinterest fan please help me spread the word about Fix it Friday by pinning this image:

 Thanks so much!
Have a great weekend everyone.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beginning & Ending

 While flying down to California last week I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise.
Now, I don't believe in omens or anything like that, but as a somewhat reluctant flyer I tried to interpret this sunrise into:

A: I would make it to San Jose alive.
B: I would make it to San Jose alive.

Because while flying solo on a prop plane a million miles up in the air my mind wanders to some pretty bleak and scary places. 
Usually places involving nose dives, flames, and well... screaming.
And I needed all the reassurance I could get. 
Even if that came from a simple sunrise I was taking it and holding onto it for dear life, squeezing it will all I could muster, I was gonna white knuckle that thing until... 
Oh wait, no.
That was the arm rest.. ha.. how embarrassing.

So ummmm.
I don't like to fly.
I love to see new things, experience new places and I dream someday of visiting Europe and all its loveliness.
With that said, I don't plan on taking a boat there!
 So in the meantime I'm forcing myself onto planes.
I'm trying to conquer my fear.
And I think it's working.
(This is the sunset on my way back home to Idaho.)

So I just wanted to take the time so say, 
if your ever seated next to a wide eyed crazy looking blonde lady gripping the seat and crying like a baby, I apologize.
She may not be me, but she's a member of the club.
Buy her a drink mmmkay?

Communal Global 
Little by Little 
Finding Beauty
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

When in Rome?

If you know my husband you wouldn't be caught off guard by the fact that when I visited him last weekend in Silicon Valley one of his 'must sees' was the Computer History Museum.
My first thoughts?
But I knew how much he wanted to go, and so we went.
And guess what?
It wasn't boring.
I'll tell you what it was though, a little weird.
Weird as in some of the games and gaming systems I played on as a kid are in a museum people!
When I think history museum I conjure up images of cave men, artifacts,  and paintings from centuries past.
Not the Game Boy.
But it was there, along with a few other relics from my childhood. 
(Atari, Pac-Man, Nintendo...)
So at the risk of labeling myself nerdy, dorky etc.,
 I have to admit I liked the Computer History Museum.
 Even if I didn't understand 98% of the puns on these buttons.
And some of the kids in attendance were probably smarter than me.

To redeem myself though,
I rode a bike with a basket and bell around Google.
 And they didn't offer that to kids.
So neener neener.

What's The Story
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Monday, October 20, 2014

San Francisco

 My husband and I got to visit San Francisco for the first time last Saturday.
I loved it!
With only one day to sight see we tried to pack in as much as we could.
And thankfully, our lovely phone navigation took us all over the place.
And I mean ALL. OVER.
It was crazy wrong I'm sure of it, but I was happy with that because we saw stuff we probably wouldn't of seen had it been right.
It took us on the longest detours and we came into San Francisco over the Bay Bridge, then left without going over it.
 Which confused the crap out of me at the time, but once I looked at the map at home I realized what happened.

One of the main attractions I wanted to see was Alcatraz, 
but tickets for the day were sold out.
I was so dissappointed.
But, it gives me another reason to go back.
Oh, and FYI.
There are naked people walking the beach around the Golden Gate Bridge.
I'm not exaggerating when I say the very first thing I saw when I reached the view point was a naked mans white rear.
And like all curoius folk, I took out my zoom lens and took a picture.
I had to be sure, okay?

We checked out the fort around the bridge and wandered into places that smelled like pee.

Speaking of smells...
we went to China Town and every little shop had its own unique smell.
 Not in a bad way either, just different.
We were told to watch for pick pockets here, but I didn't feel any concern walking through the main drag.
We also walked through the Italian district, which was also pretty neat.

And what would a trip to a city be without being accosted by a drunk homeless man?
Yup, that happened too.

See naked man: check
Get freaked out by drunken homeless man: check
Run about four red lights before realizing where the street lights are: check

Let me explain that last one.
So we are used to street lights above streets, not on side posts. While driving through a lot of the non tourist areas (thank you navigation) this is how their street lights are set up. 
So needless to say we ran a few before realizing that.
(This photo isn't an example of that, just a random street shot.)

Overall, San Francisco was amazing. 
 We plan on going back someday to see some of the stuff we missed, like:
- A sushi place recommended by everyone that I can't remember the name to
-Maybe see Mrs. Doubtfires house (I'm pretty sure we drove by it 24 times, but I had no clue until later)
-Trolley ride (the line was insane when we saw it)
-Maybe walk or drive Lombard Street (we saw it, but from a distance)
- the zoo (if we take the girls)
and who knows what else!

So if you ever get a chance to go see San Francisco I highly recommend it!
I really loved just driving through all the neighborhoods and marveling at how people live there. 
So different from where we live in Idaho.

Tomorrow I plan to load up the photos from the Computer History Museum (I know that sounds like the most boring thing ever, but it was pretty cool) and our bike tour around Googleplex!

Our World Tuesday
Sweet Shot

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Fix it Friday - Week One

There is something I have really missed in the photo blogosphere over the years.
The fix it challenges.
Someone would post a photo that was under/over exposed, off centered, cluttered etc. and invited you to 'fix' it.
It's where I learned a lot of editing tricks and it was a nice change of pace to edit pictures someone else had taken.

 So I decided to open up a Fix it Friday of my own! 

If you have a photo that needs a little work, I want to help!
They don't have to be recent digital photos either.
If you have an old family photo that has become worn, faded or torn over the years I can edit those too. 

Without further ado...
For my first Fix it Friday I asked on my Facebook page if anyone would be interested, and I was sent two photos of this sweet little girl in her mothers wedding dress.

First edit:

Second edit:

Her mom took the original shots and when she posted them on Facebook a few weeks back I LOVED them and was more then happy to spruce them up a bit.

If you are interested in having your photos featured, or know someone who might be interested, please get in touch via my Contact Me Page or on Facebook and I will get back to you with more information!

** Please keep in mind that I can only edit photos that you own the copy-write to. **

Flash Friday
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little Silhouettes

See those teeny people? 
Really gives you a perspective on how huge that sand dune is.
With that said, I would just like to thank those strangers for allowing me to photograph them.
Even though they have no idea.
The End.

You can read more about our trip where I captured this photo here.

I have also been working on something I hope will becoming a regular feature starting this Friday!

 Little by Little
The Jenny Evolution

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

He Strikes Again

Our kids go through phases and right now our little one is all about being a cat.
Or kitty kitty as she prefers to be called.
It's one of those things that I have no idea how it started or where it came from.
We don't have a cat.
We don't really see many cats around.
And if I'm being honest, I don't really even like cats.
The only thing I can think of is to blame Caillou and his weird cat Gilbert.
You can read all about her Caillou obsession here.

Dun. Dun. Dun.

Caillou strikes again.


In other news, my article from Love that Shot was published yesterday.

If you haven't had a chance, hop on over and give it a read.
I'm really proud of how it turned out.

Thanks for popping in!

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