Friday, February 27, 2015

"Hit me baby one more time!"

I had fun yesterday and took entirely too many photos of our youngest.
The light in her sisters bedroom is always the best for pictures, but it's usually a mess and it's tucked away upstairs out of the I don't spend a whole lot of time up there.
Unless its laundry day, which happened to be yesterday.
So while she destroyed her sisters room, danced to Britney Spears, and jumped on the bed I took photos.
Which translates into... me not doing laundry.
 She had a great time.
If you follow on Instagram you would of seen this one:
 I also explained her three dance moves.
1. The Spin
2. The Elaine (as in Elaine Benes from Sienfield)
3. The Floor Flop
It's really quite comical.

We had fun, and since her sisters room is usually always a mess, she didn't even notice the extra chaos that was added to it.
Win, win.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Challenge Continues

Just because I missed a day, I'm not stopping!
With that said, my favorite photo from the week was the 'whoops'.
Just kidding. 
I actually really love the one of my youngest washing her hands.
She will wash her hands and brush her teeth all day long..until you want her to.
Then she hates it.
Such is the life of living with a toddler.
And a nine year old.
Oh, and a seven year old too.

Maybe I should rephrase that to....such is the life of being a parent.
That's more like it.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dang it!

So I failed.
I forgot to take a photo on day 52.
So in essence I made it about 15% of the way through my 365 Challenge.
However, I plan to keep going and continue to take photos through the year.
 I have a few ideas and plans on what to do with them all once I get finished. 
(big printed collage perhaps?)
So far they are reminding me of great moments I have shared with my girls, and I don't want to miss out on that!

The weather here has been pretty mild. 
Cold mornings, but the sun is shining.
Flowers are coming up, birds are chirping, and spring fever has hit.

Which means my girls have been spending time outside! 
My husband even brought home some random jump ropes from the corner of "happy and healthy" (name that store), and we all enjoyed the outdoors while the girls competed in stunts I will refer to as:
"Look at me!"
"Watch this!!"
"MAWWWMOM did you see that?!"

I, of course, kept my awesome jumping skills under wrap.. I didn't want to show them up, ya know.

Actually, its probably a toss up as to who's jumping was more humorous.
Mine or the two year olds.

Okay, fine. It was me.

The End.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Photos and a Story

I'm up to photo 47 of my 365 and  I think I need a better way to streamline all these pictures.
Let's just say I spent more time trying to figure out what days I took which photos,
if I used my phone or camera,
and what day of the week lined up with which photo number, then I care to mention.
Make sense to you?
Me either. 
I'm still confused.
I did make a reusable collage in Photoshop with clipping masks so I wont have to upload photos to random, crappy, online collage makers anymore.
My favorite from the week is the Black and White of my middle child.
She has had a wild week. 
Which begs the question.. 
'umm when doesn't she?'
However, this week she was trying out something new..AKA 'New Sissy'
'New Sissy' listens to her parents, is kind to her sisters, and has a good attitude.
That leads into this little story....
She was finishing up dinner the other night and I reminded her it was bath night..which is usually followed by, "UGH!! Do I have to?! I hate baths...I don't want to.. why do I have to?! WAHHHHH UGHHHH!!"
 Instead she sweetly said, "okay momma". 
I nearly got whiplash looking back to see who this child speaking to me was.

Then she followed up with a question, "But what if new sissy gets washed down the drain?!"
Wow, she is on top of her game.
I still made her take a bath, but I almost got schooled by a seven year old.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It Ain't Always Rainbows and Unicorns

I haven't written a post in awhile.
Writers block?
errr Bloggers block?
Photo burnout bloggy block?

Yeah, I dunno.
I just wanna say that sometimes.. well, sometimes there isn't much to say.
And there are days (weeks) when the pictures I want to share are just the same old kind of photos and I think, who wants to see these?
Then I thought, ya know.. sometimes it's nice to see the un-perfected stuff.... cause you know, we all live the life of rainbows and unicorns according to the internet. 
So I haven't even posted my 365 photos this week.. but I haven't missed a day yet.
Maybe I will get my rear in gear and post them this week and you will get to see how really uncreative I was.
  This is basically what I have been up to while I have been slacking off on the blog...
 (I seriously caught her drooling over Pottery Barn Kids, she's a dreamer too I suppose.. cause we don't buy that shiz, we just look at the free magazines....mmmkay?)

So after dreaming it's just been housework stuff.. painting, light installation... I even tried my hand at tiling, oh and one lovely unintended electrocution.
It was minor, but I screamed like a banshee and gave the outlet a cold hard stare afterwards.
Real boring normal stuff.
What about you?
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 Steps to Creating Soft and Faded Black and White Photos

Have you seen those black and white images with coloring that is soft and faded?

Soft and Faded BW

Ever wondered how you too can achieve that look?

(^^pssst pin me!^^)

It's really quite simple.
Let's get started!

This is the image I started with:

Step 1
Convert the photo to Black and White
There are many ways to achieve that in Photoshop, but my favorite is a FREE action from Pioneer Woman called B&W Beauty. You can download it here.
Run the action,  open the containment folder and get rid of the 'Bump' layer.
('Bump' essentially sharpens your image, and we don't want that.)

Step 2
Flatted the photo and add soft white layer
(Right click on background layer, and select 'Flatten Image'. When/if prompted to discard hidden layers, select 'yes'.)
Add new white layer (with foreground selected) and adjust opacity to your preference. I used a very low opacity, less than 20%.

Step 3
Add haze with Exposure
Select the 'Fill or Adjustment Layer' menu and click 'Exposure'.
Using the bars adjust the 'Offset' and 'Gamma Correction' to desired amount.
(Remember to have 'Preview' selected.)

Step 4  
Add more subtle haze with Levels
Using the same process as above, adjust the 'Exposure' bars.

Step 5
Add depth
After steps 3 & 4 some important shadows can be lost, making the photo look flat.
Using a black brush, paint away some of the Levels and/or Exposure reviving some of those shadows.


Looking for more tutorials?
Check out my Photoshop Tutorial Page.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Moving on

Well, I made it through January of my 365 photo a day challenge, and was really getting in the groove.
Then February happened...
I had to get out of bed one night after realizing,
"Oh crap! I forgot to take a picture today!"
(Can you guess which photo that was?)
Thankfully, there were also days where I took photos just because--and not even thinking about the 365--which saved me from failing.
 Onward ho I suppose.
Here is my wrap up of Feb 1st-8th


This is my favorite from the week:
There is a little story behind it....
The older two girls and I unknowingly started a tradition this last week.
My oldest has had book reports due every month and it's been difficult to get them finished lately.
She started the year out great, but we have become more and more busy as the year has gone on and slacking big time.
So....she missed the deadline last month, and turned it in late.
Our goal this month was to get it done early..and well... the day came and went where she was supposed to turn in the book she had chosen.
With something going on every night and no time for her to get a book, (and she needed one ASAP) the two youngest and I ran (okay drove) to the book store to buy her one.
It had to be historical fiction, and apparently that is hard to find cause I basically had one choice, and it looked like a good book so I bought it.
Well... when I showed it to her she nearly had a heart attack.
Apparently 330 pages is a lot for a 9 year old...especially with no pictures.
Aww crap.
So much for getting it done on time!
To save another book report catastrophe, I promised to read it with her.
And that's what my older two girls and I are doing almost every night since.
And reading.
And reading.
Remember how I said it was a long freaking book?
It was no lie.
So back to the photo of my daughter sleeping...
We have been reading the book in my room each night and I couldn't believe it, but she actually fell asleep.
Which is crazy.
Cause she is wild and full of energy all. the. time.
So what did I do?
I took her picture.

The End.

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