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 Along side my passion for photography and editing, I covet a not so secret love for reading.
I love, love, love a good book.
(I'll be updating this page periodically with books that tickle my fancy and hopefully, just mayyyyybe, you might find one you will enjoy as much as me!)


September 9, 2014
I finished it!
And in case you were unsure of my stance on anything Outlander related, I loved it!
This is 8th book in the series and picks up in 1778 amidst the war between France and Britain. Since anyone reading this book would already know the characters and the circumstances, I'm going to skip that whole synopsis, and do something a little different. A bullet list of sorts.

What I loved:

Clair's medical life.
Oh , the detailed medical surgeries. Diana Gabaldon has a knack for making me feel like I am right there in all the blood and gore.....
but I'm not...
which is good.
Because I would probably pass out and possibly puke.

As Ian Murray falls in love with a Quaker, and as their storyline becomes more intertwined, I got a glimpse into the Quaker life which was completely new to me. I found their way of thinking so utopian and different. Oh, and Simple Speak anyone?

The war.
I love history, so the details of the war in the colonies was of great interest to me. Jamie and Claire encounter some figures from American history (George Washington anyone??) and I found it fascinating how they were brought to life (apparently Georgie boy has pretty bad halitosis, FYI).

What I didn't love:

Brianna's 'adventure':
I can't really say I didn't love Brianna's part in the book, but I was getting a little annoyed at how far fetched it was. (I know, far fetched for a time traveling novel sounds off the mark.... Like time travel is 100% legit or something, but anyways.) There were parts in her story where I just wanted to slap her (and her husband Rodger) and tell them to get it together because they were missing the obvious.

A loss of a few characters.. yes its inevitable, but dang it, I was sad about that! Thankfully its not getting all 'Game of Thrones' up in here. Whew.

The End.
It ended. Yes, I realize this is a total cop out, but its true. I tried to read the last pages slowly but I failed.

So there you have it. More of my opinion then review really.
Overall, this was just as great as all her other novels. Now to wait four plus more years for the next one.
Son-of a.........

Grab your knickers folks, I'm on a western kick!
I grabbed this monster of a book (almost 600 pages!) and ran home.
Okay, I drove.
Then I set it on my nightstand where it stayed and stayed while I tried to read another book. TRIED. It was awful (I cant even remember the title), so I chucked it and moved on to this massive beauty.

And once I started it I tried to slow down. TRIED. But I couldn't stop.
Penelope Williamson's writing is by far some of the most descriptive I have ever read! Not only can she really touch into the people, their emotions, appearance, feelings etc., but the land as well....I could almost smell the Montana air, allllmost. Whats crazy, is this is considered a romance novel!
You know the jackets, a sweaty Fabio clutching women heaving and bursting from their tops blah, blah, blah?
I think this categorization has hurt this book, as it is WAY more then some hormonal, lusty, rampage often thought of when you hear 'romance novel'.
I am returning to my meager local library tomorrow in search of more of her work. With that said, I must say the only bad thing about this book ended.
Here is the link to the B&N overview so you can read what everyone else is sayn'.

PS: They agree with me.


I have seen this book rising the charts in the e-book world for awhile now and couldn't resist downloaded it.
 The cover. Interesting.
The fact that photography is part of the story. Right up my alley
So whats not to love?
I can't put my finger on it, but the characters just didn't do it for me. Maybe its the teenage perspective (its written from the point of a 15 year old boy) that didn't float my boat, or the hype that it didn't live up to, but I didn't care for this book. It fell flat and the ending was completely left open, no closure what-so-ever. I can only assume there will be a sequel, but I don't think I will be reading it.
 Here is link to B&N's overview.

 Ever find a diamond in the rough at your local library?
In a teeny town like mine, rough would be a good description of our library, simply based on how small it is. 
So when I found this beauty I promptly checked it out. 
I checked it out minus a library card, cause we just go on last names here, no ID required.
 So I'm a sucker for intriguing covers, and thought this one looked worthy of a possible late fee. 
(I'm not so hot on returning books on time).
Boy Howdy! The cover didn't disappoint! 
The book is written by Jim Fergus as journal entries of a young American woman, May Dodd,  in the late 1800's. She ventures into the wild to become an Indian bride for the program instituted by the United States Government. Whats crazy is this is based on a true story! Here is a link to read the whole synopsis.
My favorite aspect of this book was the 'outsider' perspective given by May as she became part of the Cheyenne people. The down side of this book? Reality. The sobering fact of how poorly the Indians were treated by the government and 'white' people is so disturbing. 
I ended up finishing the book with an axe to grind with white folks of the 1800's. 


Oh my garsh!
This is my new favorite trilogy!:
What, the covers and titles don't impress you?
I'll be honest, I passed up The Hunger Games more then once while shopping.
The titles, though they make sense in the story, are wellllll...kinda lame.
And the covers, blech.
There. I said it.
But if the old adage of 'don't judge a book by its cover' were ever needed post-haste, this would be the time.
 Here is a link amazon to so you can read what this series is all about..
But, WAIT! If the plot sounds kinda out there, so to speak, don't dismiss it!
Suzanne Collins has a way with crazy that will surely turn you into a fan of hers.
Now.......GO! and read this series!


Brace yourself. 
I ventured outside my reading niche and read something set in real time. 
I read this:
And it was awesome.
I didn't realize this book was made into a movie until I was half way through it and now I'm DYING to watch it! I have read stuff by Emily Giffin before and thought she was a great writer so I don't know what took me so long to pick up another one of her novels, but I'm glad I did!

In a nutshell, this story is about two best friends Rachel and Darcy. Rachel is the do gooder, rule follower and Darcy...well she is the complete opposite and is somewhat (okay really) a narcissistic, spotlight hogging bitc.... errrr ummm meanie. She throws Rachel a party for her 30th birthday and something happens that night that will change their lives forever. 
What I LOVED about this book is it got right to the good stuff. You start the book ON Rachel's party so you immediately know the big 'to do' that catapults the whole story in the first place.
I read this in two days and stayed up way past my bedtime cause I couldn't put it down.


If your a historical fiction fan like me, you have probably heard of Philippa Gregory. She is an amazing author. And if the name sounds familiar you may recognize it because she wrote the book The Other Boleyn Girl, which was made into a movie a few years back.
So its been awhile since I have read any of her stuff and recently downloaded this bad boy onto my nook:

Philippa's has an amazing talent for writing books of this era (the 1400's). And with cousins marrying cousins,  you can only imagine the drama at their Thanksgiving dinner!
hmmmm okay this was before Columbus even discovered America, but you get my drift. So if your in the mood for the plotting, wars, and just the scandalous nature of a kings court read this!

Does this book look creepy? 
It was.
And it was creepy in all the right ways...  ehhhh did I just really type that?
moving along...
Here's the Synopsis:
Told in Kvothe's (pronounced 'quothe', took me both books to figure that out!) own voice, this is the tale of the magically gifted young man who grows to be the most notorious wizard his world has ever seen. The intimate narrative of his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, his years spent as a near-feral orphan in a crime ridden city, his daringly brazen yet successful bid to enter a legendary school of magic, and his life as a fugitive after the murder of a king form a gripping coming-of-age story unrivaled in recent literature. A high-action story written with a poet's hand, The Name of the Wind is a masterpiece that will transport readers into the body and mind of a wizard.

 That's how Barnes and Noble put it. I however would describe it as historical fiction meets Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings adult style. ehhhhh? I have a real way with words. I loved it!
 There are fictional names, places and descriptions I had a hard time grasping, but once I plowed through that I could NOT put it down. 
This series goes up their with my love for Diana Gabaldons Outlander Series (see below).

So to me the definition of a good read would be a book so full of great characters that long after you've finished it you wonder....what ever happened to those people? Even if, (and more times then not) those characters are completely fictional.
That may or may not be weird. I'm not sure...

...but anyways, this series by Diana Gabaldon is one of those:

It's historical (bonus points from me! I love history) eight book series. And I guarantee you will walk away completely in love with a fictional character named Jamie, aaaaand you will thank me for it.


Another one of my favorite authors is Ken Follett. His writing in the book The Pillars of the Earth knocked my socks off. Its another historical fiction (are you seeing a pattern here?) and its one amazing read.

The Pillars of the Earth is a series too, but unlike the Outlander  this book was recently made into a showtime mini-series. The mini -series was good, but not nearly as wonderful as the book (are they ever?).


Okay, okay. I suppose I should have this here too:

Hey, it helped!


  1. Found your blog through IHF... they shared your phone photo on faceboook, which I love, wonderful edit. Anyway, I recommend "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss. I'm re-reading it right now because the second book in the series will be coming out in March. I have also read Diana Gabaldon and am a huge historical fiction.

    -Rebecca812 (flickr)

  2. Thanks Rebecca! I read the reviews for it and downloaded on my Nook today. :)


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